Maryland Financial Aid, Government Grants and Scholarships for Mothers

The US Government puts emphasis on the significance of a higher education, and they are promoting thousands of Americans, including Maryland moms and hardworking employees earning low wages, to earn a college degree. A number of citizens don’t think they have the funds to go back to college. Fortunate for us, the President has pushed Congress to pass new rulings to raise Pell Grants for citizens in Maryland who wish to go back to school.

Federal Pell grants are government money given to Americans meeting specific income guidelines to encourage them to attain a college degree. These grants will not have to be return back to the Government or the state of Maryland. Many times, people working full-time who earn minimum wage can be eligible for these grants. Pell grants also allow mothers to return to college and earn a college degree and not have to quit their jobs and still have time to take care of their kids. This is because you can apply your federal grant and scholarship to online classes. This means you can get a diploma in the luxury of your own home.

To help you go back to school we are giving away a free copy of our 2011 education guide and a free $10,000 scholarship.

The 2011 education guide will show you:

On top of the free 2011 Education Guide, we are also providing a unique chance to receive an extra free $10,000 scholarship. The only requirement is you must be a female, and have a child.

There has never been a better time for mothers to return to school and we make it even easier. You get free pell grant funding, a chance at an additional $10,000 scholarship, and you can go back to college by taking online classes.

Here are the steps:

1) Click Here to Apply for the FREE 2011 Education Guide

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